• Testimonials

    "Kamera is FANTASTIC in every way! She is fun and energetic. Not only is she talented but she makes taking pictures a very comfortable, confident experience. There was never a moment where I felt apprehensive or awkward! She is a 10/10 recommendation. We are thrilled!"

    Anna N.
  • Testimonials

    "My favorite part was how fun kamera made it to have pictures taken and how thoughtful she was about us... She's captured our favorite moments and we get to enjoy the beauty of it all forever because of her pictures."

    Savon M.
  • Testimonials

    “Kamera...was born to have a camera in her hand. Our Photos are so beautiful & We got so many compliments on THEM. She’s so fun and creative. You’ll love her. Choose her and you’ll never regret. She seriously is incredible!!”

    Phylicia J.
  • Testimonials

    “Kamera captures the small intimate moments, which I love...I definitely recommend her!”

    Kate M.