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Specializing in luxury weddings, adventure elopements and product photography.

Offering Photography Services to clients across Ogden, Salt Lake City, St. George, and the surrounding areas. Also available for travel worldwide.

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Why Choose Me?

The two most common complaints I hear over and over from recently married couples that I didn’t work with are:

"The biggest thing I regret from my wedding is that I didn't hire a professional photographer! I'm just not in love with the photos that [insert family member or friend name here] took and I really wish I had invested in someone who was experienced and could have documented it the way I remember it." “I hired my photographer and signed a contract with them...and then after our engagement session together, I realized we didn’t mesh well together, but I was already locked into a contract with them for our wedding day.” I've always felt so bad for these sweet couples, because photography is not something that you want to be unhappy with from your wedding day!
Think about it... when tomorrow comes, what's left of your wedding day? The food? The venue? The florals? The cake? (Okay, well I guess there is that top layer stashed in the back of your freezer....) But in all seriousness. What is really left of the single day that you spent months or years planning?

Your memories!!! I believe that finding a photographer who vibes with your personality, that you're super comfortable with, and that produces epic imagery, accurately documenting who you are, is essential to the outcome of your memories. That’s why I’m so passionate about gifting all of my couples a Free Engagement Session experience with me before ever signing a contract for the wedding day. I want you to be 100% confident that on your wedding day, you will have zero worries about who is documenting it to look back on and share with others for the rest of your life!

Hey there! I’m Kamera. Great to meet you! 🙂

I’m Texas raised & Texas proud. Warm beaches and lakes are my happy place. (I’d take sunshine and summertime all year round if I could.)

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